College for Officer Training Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan addresses building, landscape and infrastructure improvements at the college campus in Chicago. The Plan identifies both long and short term facility needs, programmatic enhancements, and energy-efficiency improvements to support the mission of the College and reduce operational expenses. Sustainable design strategies guide the renovation of existing facilities and orientation of new buildings to create a more pedestrian-friendly campus. The Master Plan was developed in five phases to distribute the cost of the work over 20 years. The recommended improvements were prioritized with the capital costs identified, allowing the owner to identify project funding sources. High priority projects were placed in the early phases with an emphasis on reducing operating expenses and accommodating an increase in students requiring family housing units.

The Master Plan also reshapes the exterior spaces to define a series of ‘outdoor rooms’ each with a unique character reflecting their function and solar orientation. A quarter mile pedestrian path links the spaces and includes kiosks that present the history of the college. All parking areas are consolidated along the perimeter or underground creating a pedestrian friendly central campus. A new playground is provided that combines passive and active recreation opportunities for people of all physical abilities. The modernization of existing facilities addresses aging mechanical systems, as well as life safety and accessibility improvements.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Area: 3.75 acres


American Institute of Architects, Illinois, Daniel Burnham Award, 2014
Association of Licensed Architects, Merit Award, 2014
American School and University, Campus Master Planning Citation, 2013
Society of American Registered Architects, National Merit Award, 2013