Downers Grove Christian School

The school addition extends the fabric of the existing architecture and fits within difficult site constraints on the dense and oddly shaped site. Major components of the building program include a gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, locker rooms, circulation hub, and kitchen. The facility is designed around a central circulation hub which allows controlled access to various parts of the building. The circulation hub opens onto the existing courtyard which functions as an outdoor gathering space. Exposed steel trusses and mechanical systems were utilized in the gymnasium for economic and visual interest. Harding Partners provided cost projections and worked with the client to enable the project to meet their limited budget. The construction cost was $145 per square foot with a total project cost of $3 million.

Year: 2003
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois
Area: 20,690 square feet

Key Features

multi-purpose hall
locker rooms
circulation hub
nursery rooms
atrium entrance
renovated fellowship hall
full service kitchen
faculty and administrative offices